The Department of Film, Television and Scenography at Aalto University has  provided doctoral education for film-makers and scenographers for more than 30 years.

In general, the research activities aim at producing new theoretical and practical knowledge, insights and approaches on filmmaking and scenography. Research is expected to introduce original conceptual approaches to the artistic practices and collaborative creative activities and processes. We aim at  articulating tacit knowledge and examining critically working habits, methods and conventions of film and scenography. These include also critical understanding and thorough analysis of current industrial conventions and values.

The Department organizes regularly international symposia on the various subjects. 

The past events have dealt with the relationship between theory and practice in documentary film. Poetics and Politics of Documentary Film was held in April 22-24, 2013, and continued in May 15-17, 2015 at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

Critical Costume took place on March 25-27, 2015.


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