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The Vice Deans at the Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture


There are two Vice deans at the Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture.

First Vice Dean Professor Pekka Korvenmaa will continue in the position until 31 July 2013. Ossi Naukkarinen has been appointed second Vice Dean also up until 31 July 2013.

The Vice Deans will assist the Dean: Pekka Korvenmaa will be responsible for research, Ossi Naukkarinen for education.

Pekka Korvenmaa is Professor in Design and Culture at the Department of Design, Aalto University School of Art and Design. He is also is Docent at the University of Helsinki (History of Art). Having gained his PhD at the University of Helsinki and been first a researcher and then visiting professor in the United States, he became Head of Research at the School of Art and Design in 1991. In 2000 he assumed his current position as professor and in 2008 was made Vice Rector. Besides holding official posts within the School and University, Korvenmaa holds a number of positions of responsibility, both in Finland and internationally. He is, for example, a member of the Executive Board of the Finnish Institute in Japan and Chairman of the Board of the Foundation for the Museum of Applied Arts (Design Museum). His written output focuses mainly on the history of Finnish architecture and design.

The new Vice Dean, Ossi Naukkarinen, has worked in various positions at the School of Art and Design full-time since 1998, and as Head of research since 2001. In 2011 he became Head of the Unit for General Studies, and he will continue in this position alongside his duties as Vice Dean.

Naukkarinen is a Doctor of Philosophy, gaining that qualification in aesthetics at the University of Helsinki in 1998. He also lectures on the subject there, having specialised in visual and environmental art and the study of everyday aesthetics. Naukkarinen has published several books, such as Kulkurin kaleidoskooppi – suomalaisen mobiilikulttuurin anatomiaa (The Kaleidoscope of the Tramp - an Anatomy of Finnish Mobile Culture) (2006), Art of the Environment (2007) and Arjen Estetiikkaa (Everyday Aesthetics) (2011), as well as numerous articles both in Finland and in international publications, such as Contemporary Aesthetics, The Nordic Journal of Aesthetics, Synteesi (a journal of interdisciplinary art research) and Tiede ja edistys. He has also led Academy of Finland research projects and is involved with organisations in the field of aesthetics, such as the internationally active Finnish Society for Aesthetics.



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