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Professor appointments at the School of Arts, Design and Architecture


A department appoints tenure track professors to one of the three tenure track levels (Assistant, Associate or Full Professor).

Additionally, professors may be appointed Aalto University Professors of Practice. These positions facilitate the transition of practical skills to university studies.

Perttu Hämäläinen, PhD (Technology) and M.A., has been appointed to a fixed-term position as Assistant Professor. He will work jointly for the School of Arts, Design and Architecture Department of Media and the School of Science Department of Media Technology. Mr Hämäläinen will act as Professor of Computer Games, the first such position in Finland. Mr. Hämäläinen is known, for example, for his work in the development of the Kick Ass Kung-Fu game.  His doctoral thesis, which he completed at the former Helsinki University of Technology, explored human-computer interfaces.

Teemu Leinonen, PhD (Arts), has been appointed an Associate Professor. Mr. Leinonen’s field of expertise is New Media Design and Learning.  His fixed-term position as a professor will at the Department of Media. Mr. Leinonen has specifically examined questions related to new media design and learning, computer assisted social learning, cooperation via the internet, the design of leaning and study software, education planning and education policy.

Tere Vadén, PhD (Philosophy), has been appointed to take over Vice President Martti Raevaara’s position at the Department of Art for the length of Mr. Raevaara’s term as vice president. Mr. Vadén’s professorship will be in research and evaluation of web teaching.

New Professor of Practice appointments

Nora Sternfeld, M.A., has been appointed a Professor of Practice at the Department of Art. Ms. Sternfeld’s field of expertise is curating and communication.

Artist Petteri Nisunen has been appointed Professor of Practice for Contemporary Art at the Department of Art.

Sofia Pantouvak, PhD (Philosophy), has been appointed a Professor of Practice at the Department of Motion Picture, Television and Production Design. Ms. Pantouvak’s fields of expertise are Costume Design as well as Scenography and Production Design.

All PoP appointments are for a fixed-term.


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