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Current Affairs: Archive 2011

Saara Cantell's public defence 6.5.2011

30.05.2011 Saara Cantell's doctoral dissertation Timantiksi tiivistetty - kerronnalliset strategiat fiktiivisessä lyhytelokuvassa (Crystallized to Diamonds will be published in English later) was examined at the Aalto Unviersity School of Art and Design on Fri 6th of May 2011. Doctor of Philosophy, Docent Kimmo Laine from the University of Oulu acted as the opponent, custos was Prof. Laura Gröndahl from the department of Motion Picture, Television and Production Design.

Leena Valkeapää examines in her dissertation the culture and the way of life of the Reindeer Sami

25.10.2011 “All this is my home / these fjords rivers lakes / this cold this sunshine these storms” (Nils-Aslak Valkeapää, 1979)

From Disposable to Sustainable

01.12.2011 Kirsi Niinimäki’s study shows that environmentally friendly design affects consumption behaviour.

Interdisciplinary thinker Samuel Weber lectured about politics, poetics and the media at School of Art and Design

19.12.2011 Samuel Weber, a leading American thinker across the disciplines of literary theory, philosophy and psychoanalysis, gave three open lectures at TaiK on 13-16 December.


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