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Department Management


Head of the Department

Lecturer Anna Heiskanen 040 7639005


Head of Education in the Department

Prof. Pietari Koskinen 050 5687650

Head of Research in the Department

Associate Professor, Film Research Susanna Helke 050 4489889


Head of the Master's programme in Film an Television

Prof. Aleksi Bardy

Head of the Master's programme in Design for Theatre, Film and Television

Prof. Liisa Ikonen 050 5771042


Majors in Film and Television


Documentary Film

Executive in Residence Mia Halme, head of major 050 4394924

Lecturer  Ari Matikainen 050 4014558

Assistant Juhani Haukka 050 3267113


Film Editing

Prof. Anne Lakanen, head of major 050 5424971

Lecturer Oskar Franzén 050 4011439

Workshop Master (post production) Jussi Lohijoki 040 1848402



Prof. Iiro Küttner, head of major 050 4018757

Lecturer Marja-Riitta Koivumäki 050 5344970

Assistant Reeta Ruotsalainen 



Lecturer Hanna Maylett 050 3568801

Assistant Reeta Ruotsalainen


Film and Television Producing

Prof. Aleksi Bardy, head of major

Lecturer Anna Heiskanen 040 7639005

Producer Ilkka Mertsola 050 3141543

Assistant Reeta Ruotsalainen 



Lecturer Rauno Ronkainen, head of major 050 4106151

Assistant Samuli Ahonen 050 4410110


Sound Design

Prof. Pietari Koskinen, head of major 050 5687650

Lecturer Patrick Boullenger 040 5533698

Assistant Toni Ilo 045 2626066


Film History

University Lecturer, Film History, Theory and Research  PhD Satu Kyösola 050 5541655

Adjunct Professor, Film History and Theory, Olaf Möller



Design for Theatre, Film and Television


Scenography - joint studies

Lecturer in Digital Design Methods in Film, Television and Theatre Tanja Bastamow 050 4417405

Workshop Master Jyri Lahelma 050 4033373

Assistant Susanna Suurla 050 5924076 


Production design

Prof. Kaisa Mäkinen, head of major 050 4637554

Lecturer Kimmo Turunen 050 4118671



Design for the Performing Arts, Prof. Liisa Ikonen, head of major 050 5771042

Lecturer Elina Lifländer 050 3443803

Adjunct Professor, Stage and Space Dorita Hannah

Doctoral Candidate Maiju Loukola 050 4335668


Costume Design

Prof. PhD Sofia Pantouvaki, head of major 050 5992288

Lecturer Merja Väisänen 050 3152158

FiDi Professor Peter McNeil

Workshop Master Anja Behm 050 3113371

Doctoral Candidate Tua Helve


Other staff


Associate Professor, Film Research Susanna Helke 050 4489889

Doctoral Researcher Alejandro Pedregal

Doctoral Candidate Katri Lassila

Doctoral Candidate Katja Lautamatti 050 3138335

Doctoral Candidate Jose Cañas-Bajo





Learning Services

Study Coordinator Ilona Virtanen 050 3152150 (Major and minor subjects in Film and Television, MA)

Study Coordinator Sanna Väisänen 050 562 5776 (Major and minor subjects in Film and Television, BA)

Study Coordinator Anne Kettunen 050 520 1033 (Major and minor subjects in Design for Theatre, Film and Television, BA and MA)


Financial services

Controller Robert Rahkonen 050 4336188

Project Controller Hanna Eranka 050 3677 982

Travel Secretary Maarit Suokko 050 4083721


HR services

HR Coordinator Piia Väisänen 050 4083097

HR Secretary Tiia-Maria Kreivi 050 5763031


Research and Doctoral Studies

Planning Officer M.Sc., DA Kirsi Rinne 040 5929466


IT support

Presentation Technician Esa Mattila 050 4130100


Festivals and Events

Coordinator and Festival Office Saara Toivanen 050 3317754


ELO-University of the Arts/Theatre Academy collaboration

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