About the department

The aim of the education provided by the School of Film, Television and Scenography is to familiarise the student with the artistic and research processes and practices in the fields of cinema, scenography and costume design and contribute to the renewal of the art forms their represent.

Tuition and research are based on the artistic and pedagogical tradition, passing it on creatively and developing new forms of expression. Creator orientation is seen as an essential part of art research. Studies focusing on knowledge, skills, arts and theory are applied to practice in production exercises and other productions, which are essential forms of tuition. The aim is to offer an education that gives the students a capacity to work professionally in their field and to exercise influence in it.

Together with Media Centre LUME, the School of Film, Television and Scenography offers an excellent setting for studying for basic degrees (3-year BA programmes and 2-year MA programmes), pursuing further studies and engaging in research and artistic work. Traineeships, participation in festivals and competitions, international studies and close-knit cooperation with both the rest of the academic world and business life and other cultural production create a secure footing for moving on to working life.

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